Bonnie's Story

In the early 1980s, jobs were hard to come by, especially for psychology majors.
I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years and she told me that the company she worked
for, Agfa/Compugraphic had an opening for an inside sales position. So, my very first
job out of college was selling photo-typesetting supplies over the phone – we kept
detailed customer notes on 4X6 index cards! The inside sales division was the fastest
growing division in the company. Management valued this team and it showed.
Our incentive compensation was lucrative and there was an upwardly mobile career path. After the exhilarating experience of being part of a highly respected team that produced results, I was convinced that virtually every company would benefit from having a professional inside sales team.

For the past 20 years, I’ve held sales management positions that allowed me the
flexibility and authority to design inside sales/telesales programs. I believe that these programs played a large part in making many of these companies and ultimately me, successful. I’d like to share some of my memories with you:

    • I was working for a medical disposables company and was convinced that there was a more cost effective and efficient way to sell these products to physicians and hospitals. We set up an inside sales program which resulted in our company increasing sales by 40%. We were one of the fastest growing medical disposable products companies in the world. Eventually, many of our competitors caught on and started selling their products via phone as well. This company was eventually sold to a much larger company.
    • I set up an inside sales program for a company that sold security software primarily to Chief Technology Officers. One of the inside sales people followed up with a lead from a tradeshow we attended…he scheduled a meeting with the Chief Technology Officer which ultimately resulted in closing Dow Chemical and all of their subsidiary companies.
    • I worked for a company that I helped ramp from $500K - $34M in just 4 years…all with just 5 direct sales people and 5 inside sales people. Our investors were convinced that our metrics driven, process oriented, appointment setting inside sales program was the reason for this dizzying growth. UBS became one of our largest accounts, resulting in a $20 million multi-year contract…and this was all started with an inside sales person cold calling into a decision maker at UBS.

I could continue telling you about the many successes these and many other inside sales programs generated. These successes brought a great deal of pride and joy to those who were on the front line making these calls and phenomenal growth to those companies who initiated these programs.

I am a firm believer that our process oriented, metrics driven, professional inside sales program will increase sales efficiency and eventually, revenue. I hope that you will choose C-Level Connections to help you with your business development efforts.

Thank you,

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