Sales Meeting Effectiveness Program

C-Level Connections’ Sales Meeting Effectiveness program enables your sales and management teams to learn valuable information about the disposition of sales meetings and identify reasons that may be affecting the outcome of the meetings.

After the C-Level team receives comprehensive training on your solutions, we circle back with decision makers with whom your sales team have previously met – our goal is to gather insightful information that will help you determine the effectiveness of the meeting and whether the prospect will be moving forward in the sales pipeline.  We work with you to create up to 5 interview questions that will help you glean specific information regarding sales personnel, product/services benefits, competitors and the sales presentation or demo.

All correspondence is logged in C-Level’s CRM system and provided to you in a monthly report summarizing all activity. In addition, C-Level will update contact information in your database, advise you of any follow up action required, and schedule appointments with prospects on your behalf when the opportunity arises.

This program provides:

    • Calls to previous meeting attendees – scheduled by C-Level or by other means
    • Up to 5 pre-determined interview questions to determine if they will be moving forward and why or why not
    • Information about possible roadblocks/problems with pricing, sales personnel, perceived benefits, or sales proposals/presentations
    • Updated contact information in your database and scheduling of appointments when the opportunity arises
    • Monthly analysis and report