Pay-for-Performance Appointment Setting Program

C-Level Connections’ inside sales/telesales team sets qualified appointments for your sales professionals. Trained on your solutions, we identify, qualify, and set appointments with targeted decision makers and influencers. This program guarantees your sales professionals will meet with qualified decision makers and influencers. All meetings are monitored and rated and all correspondence is logged. You will receive a detailed weekly report summarizing all activity.

C-Level’s appointment setting programs enable your sales professionals to become 20 – 30% more efficient. They no longer spend valuable time finding qualified leads, cold calling, sending introductory emails and setting up appointments.

A customized meeting package is created that targets a set number of meetings each month based on your specific sales and meeting goals. You also have the flexibility to choose among a variety of meeting types, including in-person or phone meetings, webinar or product demonstrations, and event follow up meetings.

The program provides:

    • Qualified meetings for your sales professionals based on your defined criteria of decision maker’s/influencer’s titles, revenue size and industry type
    • Creation of lead lists, email templates, and scripts (all approved by you)
    • Weekly meetings/reports to assess progress against plan objectives, sales team travel plans, roadblocks/issues, prospect discussion and meeting results
    • Pay-for performance and custom appointment setting solutions


In just under 2 months of calling, C-Level scheduled 50 qualified appointments for an e-discovery technology client and grew their sales pipeline by $5 million.

After initial calling attempts, C-Level helped a medical software client determine that the product being pitched wasn’t resonating with their target decision makers and concluded the client should change their messaging to lead with a different product.

C-Level’s client, a website technology developer, initially requested C-Level target only one of their vertical markets, but quickly added 4 additional verticals after seeing the success of the appointments
scheduled by C-Level.