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C-Level Connections Partners with StoryLeaders

Comprehensive Inside Sales Program Leverages StoryLeaders Concept to Deliver Qualified Meetings with
Decision Makers to Executive Sales Teams

Austin, Texas, November 14, 2012 — C-Level Connections, provider of comprehensive B2B executive meeting delivery program today announced their partnership with StoryLeaders, leading sales model thought leaders and trainers. The partnership enables both organizations to leverage one another's sales model and provide referrals that further extend their services.

The C-Level Connections service delivers a comprehensive, metrics-driven sales approach including messaging, prospecting, and scheduling meetings for sales teams with qualified decision makers and influencers. The highly skilled inside sales team is extensively trained on the clients solutions and have extensive experience selling products and services across many markets, including medical, technology, and legal.

"We provide a business development outsourcing solution that is one of the most cost effective and time efficient channels through which to reach revenue and cost-containment goals," said Bonnie Rodden Gomes, Principal of C-Level Connections. "The StoryLeaders concept is a natural extension of the service we deliver to clients. I’ve designed numerous inside sales programs for organizations and I am convinced that virtually every company would benefit from having a process oriented, metrics driven, professional inside sales program such as C-Level Connections, that would help increase their sales efficiency and eventually, revenue. The emotional connection the sales team makes with the decision makers is a key part of our selling process."

"StoryLeaders was founded on the concept that the best-performing salespeople have always seemed to have a knack for making connections with clients that foster collaboration and sharing of ideas and beliefs," said Michael Bosworth, Co-founder of StoryLeaders. "Our framework for story telling and story tending allows sellers to facilitate emotional connection and influence change. C-Level Connections inside sales model naturally feeds off this concept. We're pleased to be partnering with them and I'm confident it will be very beneficial to both our organizations."

The service was designed to help reduce the overall cost for organizations to get in front of qualified prospects. Pre-defined meeting packages are available consisting of 500 or 1,000 meetings annually, or clients can create a customized meeting package.  C-Level Connections enables clients to leverage their business development efforts, without hiring and training additional sales personnel, by becoming an extension of their sales team, and thus enabling them to become more efficient with their time. They no longer spend 30-40% of their time prospecting, cold-calling, making follow-up calls, and populating the CRM system with leads. 

C-Level Connections was started as a result of Ms. Rodden Gomes' experience in sales management and business development. After working for over 20 years in various organizations implementing and building highly successful inside sales, business development, channel, and direct sales teams, she realized her proven sales programs could be implemented in other organizations to cost effectively help build and fortify their sales efforts.

For more information about how to implement a C-Level Connections inside sales program that is guaranteed to deliver qualified sales meetings to your sales team, contact C-Level Connections at, 512-377-1543.

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