Onsite Appointment Setting Services

We know that finding quality B2B leads – and connecting with top prospects -- is an ongoing challenge for businesses. That’s why C-Level offers two programs that address our clients’ long-term needs when it comes to professional appointment setting and lead generation. Both programs give businesses the capability to succeed with their own appointment setting initiatives to ensure revenue goals are met – not just today, but over the long haul.

Fast Track Program

The first program is our “Fast Track” offering, designed to enhance and expand an organization’s current appointment setting efforts, resulting in a more robust sales pipeline. Under this six-day intensive program, C-Level Connections’ experts will work onsite with your team to transform the way you connect with your most important prospects. We’ll help you develop a more comprehensive, metrics-driven and process-oriented program, using strategies that have been proven to achieve business outcomes.

Starting with an audit, we’ll also review your target audiences and lead lists, and train your staff on the metrics, sales methodologies, tools and techniques that drive the best outcomes. The engagement also includes C-Level certification upon completion of training and testing, along with a complete appointment setting plan that covers compensation and incentives.

If your existing appointment setting program isn’t producing the results you want, then the “Fast Track” program can get you where you need to be. Our seasoned team will make sure of it.

Build-Your-Own Program
The second offering is for those organizations that haven’t yet implemented their own in-house appointment setting initiative. Over the course of two months, our team of experts will work in lockstep with you at your offices to build a best-in-class program – covering everything from staffing, to training, planning and implementation. Using our metrics-driven processes and methodologies, we’ll help you put an effective foundation in place to reach and convert the right decision makers, not just today, but for many years to come.


The first month focuses on processes and messaging. We’ll cover goals and target audiences, CRM requirements, scripts, competitive advantages, reporting and more. Lead gathering, email templates, incentives, compensation and other essential program elements will also be covered. In the second month, we’ll ensure your staff is hired, trained and ready, and we’ll guide your team as the program is launched. The entire program will be custom designed for your business and the unique markets that you serve.

If your sales pipeline is in need of a boost, then why not let our experts help you build an appointment setting program that delivers results, month after month, and year after year?

These new services are designed for Austin area clients only.

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