• “C-Level Connections’ professional appointment setting program has dramatically increased our sales pipeline in a short period of time, without the expense of hiring additional sales personnel.”

Paula Chiocchi,    
President and CEO, Outward Media, Inc.

  • “In just over 2 months, C-Level has scheduled over 50 meetings for our team across the US.  We’ve met with each of these prospects and have confirmed that all are definitely qualified leads.  Our sales team is very happy with the relationship we've built with the C-Level team."

Dean Kuhlmann,    
VP of Sales, Brainspace

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  • “After an extensive review of lead generation companies, we partnered with C-Level Connections, and the results have been fantastic. C-Level is delivering our messaging to decision makers at target accounts every day, helping to build awareness and educate the market. Their proven process and dedicated staff have generated 30 qualified sales meetings in the first 3 months.”

Matt Pope,    
VP Business Development, ToolBox.

  • “The volume and quality of the meetings being set by C-Level Connections has significantly outpaced my expectations. Within a month of working with C-Level, roughly half of our best sales leads have come through their efforts. 10% of the appointments set to date have been to discuss specific and immediate needs, most of which have led to an RFP. We closed our first client within 3 months and expect to close more in the coming year. C-Level is absolutely worth the investment.”

Alan Cullen,    
CEO, Westwood & Wilshire.

  • "Integrating with C-Level Connections enabled OpenSymmetry to realize a 3 fold increase in getting qualified meetings for our sales team. They worked with us to hone our message and on finding qualified leads. They essentially became an extension of our sales team. Working with C-Level Connections has resulted in increasing the productivity of the OpenSymmetry sales team by 30% because they're now able to focus on delivering results and closing deals."

Laura Roach    
CMO, OpenSymmetry

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  • "Our inside sales program has proven to be singularly effective in creating entirely new, high quality clients. Bonnie Rodden Gomes' comprehensive system is so effective because it is just that -- a system. The well documented procedures, extensive training, and strategic focus on continuous improvement deliver more than enough high quality opportunities to quickly grow a business."

Larry Lieb    
CIO, Scarab Consulting

  • "Every company's leadership knows that a successful
    sales program starts with quality leads. Bonnie Rodden Gomes implemented our sales and telesales department
    from non-existent to making hundreds of outbound lead generation calls daily, that were more targeted, guided, effective and cost-efficient to any other alternative."

James Schellhase    
President and COO, Stored IQ